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Missions Opportunity

Thank you for reading and responding quickly to this urgent need and opportunity - I am scheduled to leave for Guatemala in just under two weeks (February 10, 2014) and I need your prayers and support to make it a reality!

Duane Ficker,
missionary to Guatemala

I recently received a challenge from our pastor to help meet an urgent need for our missionaries in the villages of Guatemala, Duane and Leslie Ficker.  The expanding needs of the ministry can greatly benefit from the production of a promotional video that can be used to raise ongoing support.  Please see the letter (at far right) provided by my pastor, Phil Stern, regarding this project.

I have always had a passion to use video to bring the heart of the mission field home to those who can appreciate seeing the images of what God is doing around the world. Here is a quick list of the places I have been able to take my camera in the past:

  • Israel - documenting Dr. Billye Brim's mission to the nation of Israel
  • Sudan, Africa - documenting a new well project
  • India - documenting the "Feed for the Forgotten" outreach to the leper colonies
  • Mexico - several church construction projects

My response to this project was to immediately accept the challenge and trust that the Lord would supply the roughly $2000 needed to cover the additional expenses needed for the project so that we can provide this without cost to the Fickers.  If you would like to partner with this project, please send a check (attach a note designating my name - please do not write on the memo line) to the following address:

Access Church of Tulsa
10026-A S. Mingo #407
Tulsa, OK 74133

I want to thank my many friends and family members for your support of our ministry endevours in the past, and in advance for your support and prayers for this project.

In His Service,

Joel Funkhouser



There is a great opportunity to help Adonai Ministries International produce a 15-20 minute video which will focus on the next stages of their vision for the mission in Guatemala.  This mission has some amazing facets to their ministry: Aviation, Medical, Agriculture.  They are bring a transformation the region they live in and are ready for a new level of participation to make that vision come to pass.  With the School of Nursing just under way and the land under contract for the Hospital, they really are pressed for the video to be produced as they are planning on a fund raising tour in April. 

Joel, when I heard of this opportunity, you were the first one to come to mind to see if you would be interested in producing this video for Adonai.  I have served as their pastor for 13 years and have been amazed at the integrity Duane and Leslie Ficker walk in.  If you are interested in taking this project on, it would be a mission project which means you would need to raise support for your expenses.  Access Church believes in Adonai and we believe in Enspire Media, so we will pay for your round trip flight, however, you will need to fund the rest or raise support for the rest of the project.

If this is a witness with you and Sheila, let me know and we will book your ticket.

Phil Stern
Sr. Pastor, Access Church of Tulsa