Custom Android/iOS App Development

It's time for your users to access your application through a native app on the Google Play or App Store. Your app could take advantage of capabilites unique to todays smartphones:

  • Push Notifications
  • GPS Location & Tracking
  • Camera
  • Bar-code Scanning
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Offline Operation

You have a project idea of your own that needs to be developed! Let Enspire Media help!

Our Development Process

  1. Functional Consultation - The first step in the process is identifying your specific functions, problem, or need your app will be designed to address.
  2. Structural Design (UI/UX) - The structural design involves createing the User Interface (UI) to give users the best Experience (UX). In the case of a larger app, we utilize Adobe Xd to provide a life-like simulation of the apps User Interface
  3. Branding & Design - Our graphic designers will assist in branding and design elements for your App's image. This is essential for proper product recognition and marketing.
  4. Data API Development - Your App's Application Program Interface (API) will be developed to keep your data in sync with a cloud-based database and served on dedicated App Server(s) for your app.
  1. App Testing - Your App will be made available on a limited number of Android/iOS devices for functional testing within a group of test users.
  2. App Submission - Your App will be submitted to the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store for review and approval. For Apple devices, this approval can take several weeks.
  3. Publishing - Publishing and making your App available to the masses is almost the final step in the development process.
  4. Maintenance and Updates - Keeping your App up-to-date and working with the latest releases of the Adroid and Apple operating systems is important to you and your users. Enspire Media is here for that leg of the journey as well.

Previous App Projects

Some Here are some of the Apps we have developed for other clients (some apps are private apps and are not available on the Google Play and App Store):

United Hive

The United Hive app was developed as a social platform for sharing testimonies of Miracles, Healings, Prayer, Encouragement, and Salvation from around the world.

Teaming up with JCI Marketing for the design work, Enspire Media developed the iOS and Android app and corresponding website at

Walk 'n Pray

Walk 'n Pray is a tool for promoting and managing the progress of various Prayer Walking campaigns around the globe. Developed initially for a city-wide prayer walking campaign in Geneva, Switzerland, the app is under further development to offer the capability for tracking multiple campaigns.

Compassion to Action

The Compassion to Action app was developed as a companion for a series of evangelistic stadium events starting with Portland 2018 event in September 2018. The app allows users to find a hub church, generate video testimonies, and view Discipleship videos.

This discipleship tool is the mastermind of Evangelist Chris Overstreet and his team of young evangelists.

Loving on Purpose

The Loving on Purpose app serves regular updates of articles on Relationships, Leadership, and Family through the ministry of Danny Silk

Emerald Kingdom Construction

The EK Construction app is a resource for contractors to review and submit bids on greenhouse installation jobs for Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse. Once a job is accepted, the app provides the ability to supply job updates to the customer. Once complete, the job is evaluated given a five-star rating.

Additionally, the app provies the following tools for the Construction Crew:

  • Miles Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Crew Messaging

Ottawa Forest Products

The private App developed for Ottawa Forest Products in Ironwood, MI is an inhouse tool for scaling and managing timber procurement inventory.

  • Timber Scaling for green and dried lumber products
  • Assignment to loads for shipping
  • Printing of bar-coded lumber tickets
  • Truck Load Log scaling
  • Printing of Log Scaling Tickets

Our latest update integrates the Ottawa System with a truck scale system, feeding live scale values into the Ottawa database.