Website / Application Hosting

We have over 10 years experience providing reliable hosting for mission critical websites. Our dedicated servers are monitored 24/7 and maintained at 99% uptime. In addition, our dedicated database server features multi-zone geographically redundant instances and maintains daily backups of your critical data.

We partner with the giants in the industry to provide the best hosting possible combined with our world class customer support!

Trust your hosting to a reliable partner for your business!

Verified 99% uptime


Our Google Cloud dedicated servers provide the most powerful and flexible hosting possible


Multizone reduncancy in the worlds most powerful data centers ensures that your data is always available

App Servers

Our mobile apps rely on scalable instances of powerful Node JS equipped server Droplets

24/7 Monitoring

Thanks to Uptime Robot 24/7 monitoring, our IT department is instantly notified should any website become inaccessible

SSL Encryption

In order to offer our clients updated security and avoid the "Not Secure" notice included with many browsers, we are now offering SSL encryption.


The most basic benefit of SSL encryption is security of the data on your website.  You'll notice for example that any page that collects credit card numbers has the "https:" prefix which denotes a "secure" connection.  This is one reason why users are taken to a separate secure site before entering their payment information.

But whether your site contains sensitive information or not, here are a couple other reasons why an SSL encrypted site may be of benefit to you:

SSL Improves Customer Trust

Some browsers actually suggest that sites are "unsafe" without an SSL Certificate.  This can be disconcerting to your users.In our current climate where you often hear about hacked websites and stolen data, your customers will "feel" better about your site showing the "secure" padlock next to your domain.

Better Ranking on Search Engines

In 2014 Google made changes to its algorithym giving preferences to websites that are secured with an SSL Certificate.With these benifits in mind, we have updated our Dedicated Web Server to accomodate SSL Certificates for all of clients.

The cost for implementing an SSL Certificate is $100 per year.  Please note that for some of our older accounts there may be additional costs for updating your website libraries to our new servers.

Enspire Manager CMS

Our Enspire Manager content management system (CMS) has been serving our clients since 2006. Our latest version 4 is even better than ever providing the most intuitive tools for editing website contents, images, events, and audio.

Website/Application Hosting

BC Hosting

Business Card Website Placeholder

$ 10 / month

  • Cloud hosting.
  • Website Placeholder.
  • Basic email accounts.
  • Exceptional support.

Simple Hosting

Basic Hosting for Simple Website

$ 20 / month

  • Cloud hosting.
  • Basic email accounts.
  • Exceptional support.

Application Hosting

Mission Critial Application Hosting

$ 60 / month

  • Cloud hosting.
  • Critical backups.
  • Basic email accounts.
  • Database Support.
  • Exceptional support.

Manager Hosting

Enspire Manager CMS Hosting

$ 40-60 / month

  • Cloud hosting.
  • Critical backups.
  • Basic email accounts.
  • Content Management System.
  • Exceptional support.

* Hosting fees payable quarterly, annually, or monthly with a credit card on file.